Creating solutions with talent, Our services technology and commitment to excellence Creating solutions with talent, Manufacturing Capabilities technology and commitment to excellence


At MOEK we have the talent, technology and tools to produce the metal components critical to the success of your products and business. You will love our compassionate, adaptable and precise approach to every metal solution you require...

Milling, lathe and bandsaw machining

Manufacturing 8.000 different pieces a year by utilizing multiple metal processing techniques

8 CNC machines powered by the latest software

State-of-the art 5 axes machines, Siemens Sinumerik software, high precision measuring tools

In-house engineering team

Our experienced engineering team will tailor the solutions based on the client’s specific requirements

Commitment to quality and international projects

Serving large German companies for 4 years with attention to details and high-quality craftsmanship


Since its founding, MOEK has established a close relationships with several German companies in food processing and paper industry. Commitment to deadlines and quality of service has resulted in 4 year cooperation. Currently more than 1.500kg of products are produced and supplied to the companies each month.